《 FEN Education 线上升学教育展 2022》 《免费入场》


欢迎SPM/ UEC/ IGCSE 的毕业生&在籍学生们热烈参与线上升学教育展!

我们将以zoom meeting的形式来进行教育展,学生需要以预约时间和选择有兴趣的大学来报名。在你的询问时间结束后,

也可以选择walk in询问其他的大学。

🗓️日期: 2/1/2022(星期日)
🕰️时间:1.00pm – 5.00pm

🎁 一张价值 RM200 的升学助学金

🎁 一张价值 RM10 KFC 现金卷 x10
🎁 电子画板 x3
🎁 Mini Rice Cooker x2

0126812168 (JEFF)

“FEN Education Online Education Exhibition 2022” “Free Entertance”

Missed our FEN Physical Public Education Fair because of the epidemic? Then your chance is here!

Welcome SPM/ UEC/ IGCSE graduates & current students to participate in the Online Education Fair!

We will conduct the Online Education Fair through zoom meeting. Students need to make an appointment and choose interested university to register. After your inquiry time is over,
You can also choose to walk in and ask other universities.

Details of the event are as follows:
🗓️ Date: 2/1/2022 (Sunday)
🕰️ Time: 1.00pm – 5.00pm
*Note: Please choose your appointment time in the google form.

Students who sign up and attend at the same time can get:
🎁 A bursary voucher worth RM200

At the same time, you can participate in our lucky draw:
🎁 One KFC voucher worth RM10 x10
🎁 Electronic drawing board x3
🎁 Mini Rice Cooker x2

📱Further Inquiries please contact:
0126812168 (JEFF)